This is Why You Should Play Star Stable

This is Why You Should Play Star Stable

Star Stable is an MMORPG game that was released back in 2012. It is an online horse game with girls and young women as its primary audience. This unique idea of a horse game where you could only play as a female main character turned out to be an excellent one for the developers. The game now has over 6 million players worldwide, and almost all of them are girls.

The game can be played for free but also allows you to sign up for a monthly subscription to become a Star Rider and receive Star Coins. The game is active and well supported by the developers, and that is why new content gets added almost every week. The developers have claimed that the game enhances the players’ problem-solving skills and gives birth to the sense of managing your currency, while also caring for something.

Star Stable is well-loved by the fans who’ve posted more than 150,000 videos on YouTube. It also has a decent fan following of 180,000 on Facebook. The game also serves as a way for players to connect and interact socially with each other, like most MMORPGs. The game uses Crisp Thinking, which is a third-party social monitoring system that filters out “bad words” on its own and prevents the sharing of personal information.

It is expected that Star Stable will eventually become available on mobile, but for now, it is only a PC and Mac game. The game offers simplistic graphics and entertaining gameplay for any girl (or boy) who’s interested in horses and wants to enjoy raising them.


How to get star coins in Star Stable?

You can’t get star coins for free in the game. You will have to subscribe as a Star Rider to receive Star coins as an allowance weekly. Star Rider monthly subscription costs $7.49, but you can also sign up for a lifetime by paying $69.95. If you want more Star Coins, you can buy them from the Star Stable website, and you can also find different packages available for Star Coins in the Star Stable Store.

How to lead your horse in Star Stable?

You can lead your horse by subscribing as a Star Rider and increasing your level to 10 or above. All you have to do is to pay 135 Star Coins to the Horse Trainers all around Jorvik to learn how to lead your horse. Once you’ve purchased the ‘lead horse,’ you just have to get down from your horse, stand next to its head, and click the lead button that appears on your screen next to the horseshoe menu to lead the horse.

How to play Star Stable?

To play Star Stable, you will have to register and download a small application and install it on your computer to launch the game. You will also have to install Microsoft’s DirectX software to run the game.

Once you’re done with the installation, you can hop into your world after creating your character and your first horse.